We document your expectations about the product with details. We offer you the required product attributes and options, and provide the necessary technical support for the qualifications. We shape your demands together with the cooperation and capabilities of our experienced production staff.


We move on to the professional project planning stage in order to turn the process into a business process. At this stage, although it will vary according to the requested product, the planning and management of all resources such as time, raw materials and material resources are carried out and the project boundaries are drawn.

INOVAXIS serves its customers in production, quality control and mechanical assembly. Our company provides services to many companies in the MACHINERY, MEDICAL, AUTOMOTIVE, TRACTOR, CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY sector, as well as providing solutions to the product demands of different sector companies.

INOVAXIS, which prioritizes customer satisfaction in its works, has technological infrastructure and high-quality human resources with high education level in accordance with its mission and vision.

INOVAXIS for success in production; believes in the necessity of technology and uses the latest technology production tools for this purpose. INOVAXIS, which always takes care to renew itself with the rapidly changing technology, provides service with its latest technology machinery.

With its existing production infrastructure and developing technology, INOVAXIS can produce parts of all sizes and precision tolerances.

With its knowledge, experience and technology, INOVAXIS has been among the important companies in the defense industry.

INOVAXIS also contributes to the development of the customer’s design with the cooperation it makes with the customer during the design and development of the part to be produced. For this purpose, it exhibits the best examples of solidarity and teamwork with its highly educated, experienced and dynamic technical staff.


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In order to meet the mechanical assembly needs of the customers, INOVAXIS has completed the necessary equipment and qualified personnel and provides mechanical assembly services to its customers. The functional tests of the mechanical assemblies, which are carried out in line with the requests of the customers, are reported and presented.


In accordance with the Quality Production Concept, INOVAXIS; It makes measurements in order to obtain the necessary precision with 3D CMM measuring devices.