about us

Toratay Machinery & Engineering

Established in 2022 by Tayfun TORAMAN, a graduate of Gazi University in 2006, TORATAY Makina Mühendislik, within a short period of time, became a part of Tai, TCDD, Tüsaş, Tubitak, Siemens etc. has reached a wide service potential with many corporate companies. Our goal is to produce better quality service to the companies we work with by adapting to the developing technology and the requirements of the age.

To produce the products within the scope of machining and mechanical assembly sector in a competitive manner in accordance with customer requests and expectations and to deliver them on time.

To be one of the preferred companies of our country in the aerospace and defense industry, with our unique products, by adding our design function in addition to our existing capabilities.

Our company vision in line with the ISO 9001:2015 standard according to quality our policy ;


  • Developing And current technologies to use And in the industry developments closely follow-up by product quality continually raise And customer your expectations exceeding One production to actualize
  • Most suitable , most TRUE And -most economic solutions -most fast in a way by producing more later emerge may come out of nonconformities before to go past
  • customer’s need And your expectations -most top level catering One understanding inside Trustworthy to be a firm
  • Our policy in line with quality to our goals to reach for   quality our understanding the continuity by providing inside we are in to society And to the environment respectful , exemplary One establishment to be
  • Our policy in line with our employees with to our goals to reach for   necessary all trainings give appropriate _ study environment to ensure And this technology with by supporting One family to be
  • Experience And our savings by further increasing country to the economy we give service quality with contribute have
  • Customer satisfaction , employee satisfaction And service our quality with to ensure 
  • Period And in management system approach with , maximum communication And efficiency provide .
  • Productivity on the basis of based on as constantly _ to improve make it sustainable .
  • Applicable conditions in its place to bring And worker with suppliers cataracting  effective decision don’t give mechanism to ensure
  • to strategies connected institutional management with all _ to our employees leadership instill .


As management, we undertake to ensure the continuity of the quality management system .